Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where to shop? San Francisco

Thrift Town 2101 Mission St (@17th)
Community Thrift 623 Valencia St (@17th)

Mission Thrift
Painted Bird
Shauplatz (791 Valencia, bet. 18th and 19th)
Idol Vintage (3162 16th St)

-All along Haight Street

Work clothes:
Buffalo Exchange
Crossroads (they have lots of stupid new stuff, though, so watch out)


Lily said...

As a former East Bay resident, i also love these guys as well:

-pretty penny in rockridge is fantastic
-jeremy's in elmwood for last seasons jcrew and anthropologie as well as various vintage high ends that need some sewing help
-rockridge's crossroads has never let me down
- the downtown oakland goodwill at 12th st. bart has quite a few gems if you look for them...

Sandrine B. said...

Thanks Lily!

My list is very incomplete and I need to work on it...

Thanks for the Oakland addresses! I've been wanting to explore the East Bay more... They have (amongst other things) a bunch of farmers markets that I want to check out.
Yes, I am planning on cheating on my neighborhood's farmers' market and go to one in Oakland (can't remember which one exactly) because I want a taste of that vegan soul food they sell at the Souley Vegan stand. Yum!

Sandrine B. said...

PS: Lily, I could do a photo shoot of you sporting your fabulous thrifted Oakland fashion!

Lily said...

well i'm a little camera shy, but maybe. i do have the coolest salvation army couch on the planet...

In the meantime, Pretty Penny is having an art show thing this friday evening and i'm going for sure and you should as well. CCA exhibit upstairs, wine & awesome thrifting downstairs. what could be better!